Hello! My name is Lauren Melissa. I welcome you to Ask Aspienelle, an archive of the many tips I’ve shared via the Aspienelle Instagram. These bits of advice are meant to inspire, comfort, and connect the actually autistic community. Please take your time searching through the tips on topics, such as self-advocacy, nutrition, coping skills, stimming, and more.

My personal ASD journey is one of hurdles and joys. Due to my ability to succeed in school, my own diagnosis did not come until my adulthood. Since then, I’ve recognized that the coping skills I developed as a neurodivergent child and adolescent navigating the neurotypical world were complex—sometimes useful and sometimes poisonous. I’m always working to improve my self-confidence and pride as an autistic individual, and I will never be ashamed to be the way I was born!

For the last nine years, I’ve worked as an educator and librarian. My advice and opinions are all my own, based on my own experiences. Take what helps you shine, and leave whatever doesn’t resonate with you. It is my sincerest wish that we grow together as a radiant autistic community, advocating for ourselves, learning from each other, and walking with our heads held high as equal humans living in an inclusive and diverse world.