Let’s talk about friendship.

In elementary school, we were taught that, “We’re all friends.” But somewhere along the way, maybe in teen years, the narrative shifts. Friendship becomes based on shared interests, proximity and even physical appearance, as well as similar styles of self-expression and body language. So, in adulthood, what is mainstream vs. autistic/alternative friendship? While I’m not […]

Recognizing the Pain

Are headaches an autism trait? While many people with autism experience a range of irritating to debilitating head pains, headaches themselves are actually a response to sensory sensitivity, social and general anxiety or the result of a co-occurring condition (such as EDS, hyper-mobility, and food intolerances). It should be noted that even if headaches are triggered […]

Refuse to bend the knee; It’s okay!

Sometimes the word “sorry” becomes a habit in our scripted vocabulary. People with Autism are often told to be sorry for our ways of being that deviate from the norm. Complex social situations are difficult to navigate, so we may be conflict-avoidant. Social anxiety, fear of criticism, and societally-enforced self-deprication can lead us to apologize […]


 College is a time of beginnings, transitions, socializing, managing coursework, and complex relationships with professors. According to a study by the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute, fewer than 20% of autistic college students are on track to graduate. While systemic issues compound these statistics (i.e. poor funding for transitions of people with autism into adulthood), we […]

Social Overload

Socializing can lead to social overload. Social overload can lead to social burnout. Let’s consider what overload or burnout might feel like. For many people with autism, social overlead manifests as anxiety, irritability, appetite changes, and increased stress, which may snowball into shutdowns, meltdowns, and burnout. Social burnout looks like severe fatigue, extreme executive dysfunction, […]

Video Calls

Video calls have become a rhythm in our lives these days. In some ways, these virtual hangouts and appointments are convenient. We get to stay in the comfort of our homes and connect with others in cozy clothes and ideal environments. Yet these calls have a dark side. Inviting this sort of socializing and work-productivity […]


Does coffee ease or compound the struggles of people with autism life in an NT world? Well, it depends on what struggles we’re talking about. Studies show that coffee can protect against inflammation and even anxiety, yet so many of us have negative reactions to coffee. Let’s take a look at what’s going on with […]