Tackle Sickness Quickly

While I’ve never gotten seasonal allergies, I have suffered from chronic sinus infections. One lasted four months and caused me permanent vocal damage. But the worst part? Whenever I’m sick, my coping skills crumble. I just want to lie in bed, and I can’t even work on my special interests without draining effort. I believe […]


Just like sunflowers turn from shadow to face the sun, extricate yourself from relationships and friendships in which someone belittles your diagnosis. The path to self-love and self-acceptance is not walked alongside those who insist that you don’t actually seem autistic. 

Self Reflection

Sometimes, with each day presenting new autistic challenges, I find it useful to pause and consider my life in three phases: 1) Prediagnosis, 2) During and immediately after diagnosis, and 3) Present day. The growth and development in my self understanding that I recognize from this reflection encourages me to move forward.