College Life

“May be highly educated but will have had to struggle with the social aspects of college. May have one or many partial degrees.” College was definitely an uphill climb for me. Schoolwork was relatively straightforward and manageable, but working alongside my peers was a different story. I thought of transferring or dropping out many times. […]


 “Will not spend much time on grooming and hair. Hairstyles usually have to be ‘wash and wear.’ Can be quite happy not grooming at all times.” Hair styling can be such a pain! I often wear wigs on the weekends, and I usually keep all my locks in a bun during the workweek. If I […]

Fired Up

“Hates injustice and hates to be misunderstood; this can incite anger and rage.” Just the other day, I lost my temper just because someone said they “got rid of” one of their pets. I can get very heated on debates on serious topics, so I try to stay away from debates and stick to peaceful […]

Voice Loss

“Prone to mutism whenever stressed or upset, especially after a meltdown. Less likely to stutter than male counterparts, but may have a raspy voice, monotone at times, when stressed or sad.” Unless I’m excited or joyful, voice is very raspy. I didn’t even know this until someone told me in college. I lose my voice […]