Pack Light

When traveling, it can be so tempting to pack all my “essential” things in order to feel like I can immerse myself in my routine wherever I go. In the end, this overpacking leads to more stress! Instead, I plan things to a T, from specific outfits to actually using the bathroom toiletries in the […]

Motivation to Travel

For some aspergirls, traveling is a possibility. For others, not yet. The best way to travel for an autistic person is to travel somewhere you truly want to go for a reason that is aligned to your special interests. The rest (packing, scheduling, accommodations, safety plans, etc.) will happen more organically and with more enthusiasm, […]

Driving Challenges

Driving can be a true hurdle for autistic people. Why? Individuals on the spectrum appreciate clear and specific rules, but there are simply too many laws to read through and so many unspoken expectations on the road. If you live in a place with limited public transportation and you’re pursuing a license, don’t be discouraged! […]

Enjoying Travel

With summer fast approaching, so comes inevitable travel plans. Whenever possible, stay alone (perhaps in a hotel) instead of with friends or family. While you might save money by lodging with locals, and while you might feel pressure to stay with family, the truth is that you may enjoy socializing more if you know that […]

Routine and Travel

Routine and structure are important for the autistic person, so how can we handle the massive changes that come with travel, especially changes in sleep as we hop from one time zone to another? Whenever I’m traveling, I hold my night routine constant and I continue to use my sound machine, whether I’m staying at […]

At the Beach

A visit to the beach can be a sensory nightmare for an autistic person. I highly recommend sunglasses, a visor, shoes and clothes that easily repel sand and water, and noise reduction headphones to tune out the noise. Even more, plan the day out to make the time there feel less weirdly go-with-the-flow. Schedule your […]

Quiet Times

If you’re wanting to go to visit somewhere but you’re worried about finding a crowd, you can use a Google search to help you out! Simply search for the name and location of your potential destination. From there, Google will bring up a Google profile of the business, which generally includes the address, phone number, […]