Sense of Smell

Many autistic people avoid certain “typical” smells that autistic people don’t seem to mind. But then, at the same time, we may also actively seek scents that appeal to us greatly. In fact, some scents may help us regulate from sensory overload. Smell (n.)The use of the nose to recognize the odor quality of something. Also […]

Sense of Flow

Bumping into tables. Tripping on thin air. Flapping hands. Lifting weights at the gym. While seemingly unrelated, these four descriptors all represent autistic experiences with the Proprioceptive Sense. Proprioception (n.)Awareness of the position and movement of the body. Also known as Spatial Awareness or Kinesthesia. Signs of Unmet Proprioceptive Needs:-Tripping and stumbling-Bumping into objects-Shaking the legs, […]

Sense of Touch

Twirling until dizzy. Falling over while sitting. Sleeping in a hammock. Hip pain. These four experiences are some of many examples that fall under the umbrella of the Vestibular Sense. Vestibular Sense (n.)Awareness of coordination and spatial orientation as controlled by the parts of the inner ear. Also known as the Sense of Balance. Signs […]

Visual Stimming

If you’re feeling stressed or confused, find a visual stim to stare at and clock out with. This can be anywhere from a intricately patterned window shutter to an iTunes music visualizer (although I would recommend putting the music on silent if you’re in a negative state).