“Stims to soothe when sad or agitated: rocking, face-rubbing, humming, finger-flicking, leg-bouncing, finger or foot- tapping, etc.” Sometimes you might catch me like this. I might look impatient or rude. Really, I’m probably overstimulated or overloaded and doing my best to keep it together. My stressed stims are rocking, tapping, squeezing for pressure, leg flapping, […]

Food during the pandemic

Being an autistic individual while the global COVID-19 crisis falls upon us has brought up a plethora of new uncertainties that could send anyone’s life (ND and NT individuals alike) spiralling into disarray. A big issue that’s on the table is food, pun intended. While looming government-issued isolations weigh upon us, many people are scrambling […]

Good Sound

Sounds can bring both joy and pain into an autistic person’s sensory experience. While harsh or discordant noises can send our brains reeling into overload, music and soft white noise are often embraced as a form of stimming. Aural or auditory stimming uses a person’s sense of hearing to engage in repetitive listening that causes […]

Owning a Pet

Many autistic people swear by the deep relationships we build with animals. In fact, beyond the comfort of companionship, pets can support autistic people in unique ways. When overstimulated, stressed, or nearing a meltdown, autistic people may benefit from the calming pressure of a pet sitting in our laps or on our chests. According to […]

8 Senses

There’s a fine line between stimming and sensory overload. The line between stimming and overload is different for every autistic person. While each of us have sensory needs, those needs incorporate different experiences with the 8 senses. Some autistic people despise certain sensory input that others adore. In this series, I’ll break down the 8 senses, one at a […]

Sense of Taste

When it comes to taste, autistic people are often labeled as picky, but there’s a lot more going on than just liking and disliking different flavors. Studies* show that autistic people are keen at identifying sweet & salty tastes, but may respond differently from non-autistic to sour & bitter tastes. Even more, autistic people often […]

Power of Sound

When it comes to audio-sensory input, autistic people often love very specific sounds. But other sounds send us careening into overload. Sound (n.)To be aware of something that is heard through the ears. Also known as the Auditory Sense. Exploring Sound through Stims:-Tapping fingers & feet-Popping stim toys-Tapping the ear-Making & listening to music-Pressing large […]