Motivation to Travel

For some aspergirls, traveling is a possibility. For others, not yet. The best way to travel for an autistic person is to travel somewhere you truly want to go for a reason that is aligned to your special interests. The rest (packing, scheduling, accommodations, safety plans, etc.) will happen more organically and with more enthusiasm, […]

Balanced Sharing

Sometimes when I’m with my closest friends, the mask comes off. Then, I end up talking about my special interests for minutes to hours like a neverending spell that I can’t escape. I wind up feeling guilty, recognizing that I have monopolized the conversation for far too long! A fun and structured way to break […]

Joyful Aloneness

Have you ever wondered: Is it actually a strength, in a world full of loneliness, to be able to find joy in one’s own company, to adore alone time with our special interests, and to be comfortable spending a whole day inside? Could our desire for unreachable friendships actually be the result of conditioning? I […]

Waking Up

While it can be tempting to wake up as late as possible (Who doesn’t love hitting snooze?), autistic individuals may be better off setting an alarm at a time that gives us extra time in the morning. A part of my daily morning routine includes researching my special interests for at least a half hour […]