College Life

“May be highly educated but will have had to struggle with the social aspects of college. May have one or many partial degrees.” College was definitely an uphill climb for me. Schoolwork was relatively straightforward and manageable, but working alongside my peers was a different story. I thought of transferring or dropping out many times. […]

Moving On

Ever been 100% sure you made a social mistake? Afterward, you’re caught in the cycle of playing it over and over in your head, scared and unsure? Look beyond. Seek a trusted friend’s opinion on what happened and how you should move forward. And really listen to the friend’s advice. Try not to fall into […]

Stay Connected

Stay connected to old friends. Even though it’s hard, especially for the autistic person to maintain those social connections, the old friends are often the ones who know and have accepted our quirks the most. Even just an email, phone call, or text exchange can keep those meaningful relationships going. 

Still Autistic

This may sound odd, but do you, fellow aspergirl, ever feel like you’re “not autistic enough”? Sometimes, especially as I grow older and learn more coping skills, I get this strange fear that I’m not really autistic, because I can’t be autistic and working and socializing and XYZ thing that makes everyone day, “Wow! I […]

Words With Multiple Meanings

I’ve been finding myself challenged by words with multiple meanings these days. The word “drive” gave me hard time recently. Those around me are getting used to my confused expression whenever they speak. It’s frustrating, but also funny! I’ve learned to explain to others what I thought they were saying, and then I turn it […]