Carry Your Supplies

What’s in your bag? These days I keep earbuds, two velvet scrunchies, chapstick, sunglasses and sunglass cleaner, lotion, whitening gum, a small wallet, and my phone. While on the surface each item appears typical, they all serve an autistic person’s purpose. Earbuds cancel out noise when I need it. Velvet scrunchies pull my hair back […]

Lift the Fog

After prolonged periods of overload, I feel the haze of a overstretched mind and the pain of an overburdened body. The physical, mental, and emotional are all tied together. As an autistic person, trying to heal one instead of all three rarely works. Bodily rest and good food; deep breathing and sleep; a decent cry […]

Comfy Clothes

Stay cozy and avoid that awful sensory pain. What’s your favorite sneaky way to look good but basically wear pajamas? One of my favorite outfits includes loose-fit dress pants with an elastic waistband, a stretchy turtleneck, black pocketless hoodie, stretch crew socks, canvas sneakers, and a rose-patterned fleece jacket. All comfy and completely pain-free! 

Regular Meals

How can your mind and body function at their finest without fuel? Skipping meals can worsen sensory sensitivities and increase brain fog, which can make executive functioning even more taxing. Sometimes the best coping strategy can be to eat at the right times and to eat the food that’s right for your individual needs.