Sensory Seeker

“Strong sensory issues – sounds, sights, smells, touch, and prone to overload. (Less likely to have taste/food texture issues as males.)” Touch and sounds are my greatest sensory avoidant issues. I really don’t like to be touched by other adults! I also get very upset by certain sounds, like motorcycles, loud voices, and silverware touching […]

Love to Learn

“Highly intelligent, yet sometimes can be slow to comprehend due to sensory and cognitive processing issues.” Through structured settings, through books, through close-captioned instructional videos, I can learn almost anything and learn it quickly! But if my mind is overloaded, if fluorescent lights are buzzing, if an instructor off-topic improvises or forgets to check for […]

Muscle Pain

The pain comes winding, winding up from a bump, an awkward sitting position, or too much time with an over-extended wrist. I used to take numerous medications to dull it. Now, my hyper-elastic joints, often comorbid with autism, are kept under control with vigilant attention, a careful diet, and an ibuprofen or two a week. […]

Strong Scents

Certain scents can really throw me off, and I have a strong sense of smell that can drive other people crazy. I’m always saying, “Ah! What’s that smell?” Keeping airflow moving with open home and car windows, fans, and leaving the doors between the rooms in my home open really helps keep things fresh. And, […]


How do you experience crowds? Unless I’m in a large group that is together for a similar purpose that I’m personally interested in (concert, convention, etc.), I feel bereft of space, somehow lost, and panicked to escape. In this situation, remember to breathe deeply, locate the nearest exit, and even find a bathroom to recover […]