Changing Direction

“Can be very passionate about a course of study or job, and then change direction or go completely cold on it very quickly.” I wanted to be an illustrator once, and then one day, I just stopped drawing. I wanted to be a fiction writer, and now write only rarely. I wanted to be a […]

College Life

“May be highly educated but will have had to struggle with the social aspects of college. May have one or many partial degrees.” College was definitely an uphill climb for me. Schoolwork was relatively straightforward and manageable, but working alongside my peers was a different story. I thought of transferring or dropping out many times. […]

Starting the School Year

The start of the school year can be challenging for autistic people. Navigating new schedules, new teachers, and old friends becomes mixed up with a drastic change from your summer routine. That being said, one of the comforting things about school is that it is built around a structured day. Even so, try coming to […]

Support after Self-Diagnosis

One of the most inclusive things about autism spectrum disorder is that self-diagnosis is welcomed within the ASD community. However, in most schools and colleges, in order for autistic adults to receive support, we must have a professional diagnosis. So then, what can be done if obtaining a professional diagnosis just isn’t in the cards […]

Navigating School

There are many aspects of school that will come easily or with struggle for the autistic student. Here, I will list a few things to capitalize on in order to make school life more manageable:1) Bask in the routine. More than any other time of an autistic person’s life, school years are full of schedules […]


Have you heard of Twice Exceptional (2E)? While I personally have qualms with the word-choice of this moniker, the term is meant to describe the experience of highly-gifted individuals who also have disabilities. Many spectrumites are 2E. We are highly-skilled in some areas while we face extreme challenges in others. Some examples of 2E experiences […]


 College is a time of beginnings, transitions, socializing, managing coursework, and complex relationships with professors. According to a study by the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute, fewer than 20% of autistic college students are on track to graduate. While systemic issues compound these statistics (i.e. poor funding for transitions of people with autism into adulthood), we […]