Morning Routine

Why make mornings any harder? Just wake at the same general time, eat the same thing, and get ready in the same order. Switching things up causes unnecessary stress when we can control our home environment. So let’s take advantage of our space and make a structured routine that benefits us. And then, stick to […]

Evening Transitions

Have you ever struggled with evening transitions? When the sun begins to set, I grow very restless, not ready to make the big change from afternoon to nighttime. This is my most agitated time of day, and I have to be very intentional in the evening, or else I may end up having a meltdown […]

Morning Joy

Mornings are a bit easier for me in terms of transitions than evenings, probably because morning routines feel more set in stone. A new recommendation for the autistic person is to open your bedroom window as soon as you wake to refresh your mind and body and prepare you for a connected day. There’s so […]

Holiday Scheduling

I survived another Independence Day beside good friends and a very important day’s schedule that carried me through each hour of holiday.3:00 PM – Shop4:00 PM – Swim5:00 PM – Cook and Eat6:30 PM – Go for a Walk8:00 PM – Relax9:00 PM – FireworksDid the schedule go exactly as planned? No. Times got pushed […]

Addressing Burnout

For the autistic person, one sign of burnout may be that we are unable to rest. We can’t “turn off” the busy-ness, the masking, the overload, even when we are in our happiest and most restful places for extended periods of time. For this reason, I try to keep a pulse on your emotional state […]

Risk Some Change

Branching out into a new job, school major, or city can feel like the steepest climb ever. Nevertheless, take a look at your current life: Is what you’re doing actually fueling you or have you just stuck to a routine that leaves you discontent. Change is hard for autistic people. Even so, if our current […]

Routine and Travel

Routine and structure are important for the autistic person, so how can we handle the massive changes that come with travel, especially changes in sleep as we hop from one time zone to another? Whenever I’m traveling, I hold my night routine constant and I continue to use my sound machine, whether I’m staying at […]

De-stress Eating

Have you ever noticed that our special interests can make us forget to eat? Have you ever tried to routinize and schedule eating, cooking all the same things, but then get super frustrated if a meal is missed (even if hunger is not involved)? Eating is tricky for autistics. And people often judge how others […]

Waking Up

While it can be tempting to wake up as late as possible (Who doesn’t love hitting snooze?), autistic individuals may be better off setting an alarm at a time that gives us extra time in the morning. A part of my daily morning routine includes researching my special interests for at least a half hour […]