Creature of Habit

“Usually happiest at home or in other controlled environment.” Jumping into an unfamiliar place or even a familiar place that feels too haphazard or has unknown social expectations fills me with dread and a desire to flee. On the other hand, I love certain restaurants, coffee shops, and conventions, and I tend to go to […]

Plan Your Rest

Jam-packed schedules with never-ending deadlines can be living nightmares for autistic people. We need free time to recover from overstimulation and pursue our special interests, but we are also rule followers and intrinsically motivated to meet all due dates. For this reason, college studies and high intensity professions might be overwhelming. As a precaution, plan […]

The Unpredictable World

Structure, schedules, routine. We love these daily supports. Still, whether in the workplace, the school building, or any other public setting, the unpredictability of the world catches up to us. My method of bending to the unavoidable flow of unforeseeable circumstances is to quiet down and turn my daydream on. I nod like I’m present, […]


Take yourself on a date. If there’s a place you spontaneously want to go, embrace your sudden and unexpected impulse to branch out from your autistic routine. By welcoming these unplanned decisions, I’ve done amazing things like gone alone to a new restaurant, fixed damage on my car, and gone for a solo two-hour hike. […]

Time to Leave

Have you ever wondered when it’s time to go? When I’m hanging out with a friend, it’s very difficult to know when I’ve overstayed my welcome. I try to set a clear end time when I can by doing the following: 1) Set an appointment or other scheduled event for about two hours after my […]