“Words and actions are often misunderstood by others.” My genuine compliments sometimes sound like insults. My acts of kindness can come across as condescending. My “no” gets taken for “maybe” or even “yes.” I don’t always know the right sayings, the appropriate phrases, or the key words to be understood, and the results are often […]

Stay Connected

Stay connected to old friends. Even though it’s hard, especially for the autistic person to maintain those social connections, the old friends are often the ones who know and have accepted our quirks the most. Even just an email, phone call, or text exchange can keep those meaningful relationships going. 


Because of my challenges with cognitive empathy, I find it hard to read between the lines! I even had to look up the phrase “read between the lines” before writing this post, just to be sure I was using it correctly. Why is that? I have a tendency to take things literally and have to […]


When I was a teen, I used to always say, “I can be like anyone. I can like what they like and be their friend.” I didn’t realize this was mimicry, but I did notice that after a time, I couldn’t keep pretending, and I’d find myself friendless again. This is common in younger aspergirls, […]

Yes, Dating

“Dating!?” Here are a few spots of wisdom from my dating experiences: 1) Obsession and love are not the same thing. Tread very carefully if you notice that you are viewing another person as a special interest. 2) If you’ve started seeing someone new, do everything you can to shower, groom, and do your laundry. […]