Hazy Days

Some days are hazy, especially after a big social event or long work week. I walk as though in a fog. Getting dressed is difficult, going out to run errands feels difficult. Back when I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia, the doctors called it fibro fog or chronic fatigue. What was it really? Overstimulation. Mutism. Executive […]

Thanksgiving Challenge

Thanksgiving can feel a little out of our control. Routines are different, meals are different, socializing is at an all-time high. On this holiday, I just want to remind myself and the autistic community to take any breaks you need and go home when you’re ready (not necessarily when your family is). Drive yourself to […]


How do you experience crowds? Unless I’m in a large group that is together for a similar purpose that I’m personally interested in (concert, convention, etc.), I feel bereft of space, somehow lost, and panicked to escape. In this situation, remember to breathe deeply, locate the nearest exit, and even find a bathroom to recover […]

Prolonged Burnout

“How do you cope when every situation keeps pushing you over the edge? It seems no amount of time alone is enough these days and I feel embarrassed and ashamed.” I’ve had spells where it felt like no matter what happened, big or small, I just couldn’t handle it. It could be a simple request […]

Less is Better

Simplicity. Pare your life down. Recently, I’ve been recognizing that I overcommit. In my mind, I falsely tell myself that so long as I’m keeping a schedule, then I’m responsibly taking care of my austisic self, even if that schedule is jam-packed! This leads to oversocializing, overmasking, and an increased likelihood for making social errors, […]

Turmoil Within

Layered. The times when I seem the least emotional on the outside (quiet, no eye contact, compliant) are usually a sign of deep turmoil within. I cannot determine how to express distress, so I appear aloof instead. When I reach this place, I know that I need some quality alone time. I simply won’t be […]