Sensory Seeker

“Strong sensory issues – sounds, sights, smells, touch, and prone to overload. (Less likely to have taste/food texture issues as males.)” Touch and sounds are my greatest sensory avoidant issues. I really don’t like to be touched by other adults! I also get very upset by certain sounds, like motorcycles, loud voices, and silverware touching […]

Pushing Through Stress

I hear background noise much louder than foreground noise. Coupled with the fact that I struggle to look at people when I’m sensorily overwhelmed, it can be a real struggle to hear directions during high stress moments. So far, I haven’t learned any life-saving coping skills for this, except to say, “Excuse me? I couldn’t […]

Sleep is Essential

Time is essential for overstimulation recovery. A packed schedule, with one stimulating activity leading to another, is my worst emotional enemy. At times, I feel the temptation to stay up late for extra hours of what I hope to be a special interest reboot, but I find in the morning that the loss of sleep […]