Eat for Health

With the bouts of sensory and physical pain that we autistic people can so easily suffer, we have to ask ourselves: Are favored foods really worth the digestive pain they can cause? Allergy fog, digestion cramps, intolerance headaches. What changes can and do we make to reduce these unnecessary side effects? Will we value our […]

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are prevalent in the autistic women community. Why? Every individual on the spectrum is different, but a few possibilities include: unhealthy coping skills from masking, seeking validation through appearance because of social rejection, fear of food due to food intolerances, black and white mindset toward eating, and more. Please remember: Even if an […]

De-stress Eating

Have you ever noticed that our special interests can make us forget to eat? Have you ever tried to routinize and schedule eating, cooking all the same things, but then get super frustrated if a meal is missed (even if hunger is not involved)? Eating is tricky for autistics. And people often judge how others […]

Stay Hydrated

I cannot say this enough to fellow autistic people – please drink water! Especially when seasons change, and the weather gets drier, staying hydrated is essential for autistic individuals for many reasons. Here are a few:1) Dry air equals dry skin. Dry skin makes for sensory nightmares with clothing textures. Water (and a good moisturizer) […]