The Effect of sound

¬†How does sound affect your emotional state? A recent lunch chat with a fellow autistic person revealed to me that overstimulation and autism meltdowns can be brought on by both high- and low-frequency sounds. By checking in with our personal sensitivities and uncovering which type of sound impacts us negatively, we can equip ourselves to […]


Textures can mean the world to those of us on the spectrum. Clothes, food, bedding, hair, even tabletops! When an item feels just right, it’s amazing. Otherwise, the texture can feel plain wrong, causing pain, discomfort, or overload. Over time, I’ve evaluated many of the textures on my home in order to mitigate the overstimulation […]

My first Meltdown

My first public meltdown is something I’ll never forget. That’s not to say that I’d never experienced meltdowns before. There had been many overheated, overloaded, overstimulated moments, but they typically took place at home. Then, one day, after a night of heavily masking on a double-date that I went on with two random guys and […]


Meltdowns can catch us by surprise. We feel like we are blossoming, doing all the right things. We’re up to date on our work, staying in touch with friends, and keeping the house in order. We check items off the checklist; we add more. The workload builds gradually, casting a dark shadow. Then, out of […]

Social Overload

Socializing can lead to social overload. Social overload can lead to social burnout. Let’s consider what overload or burnout might feel like. For many people with autism, social overlead manifests as anxiety, irritability, appetite changes, and increased stress, which may snowball into shutdowns, meltdowns, and burnout. Social burnout looks like severe fatigue, extreme executive dysfunction, […]