Voice Loss

“Prone to mutism whenever stressed or upset, especially after a meltdown. Less likely to stutter than male counterparts, but may have a raspy voice, monotone at times, when stressed or sad.” Unless I’m excited or joyful, voice is very raspy. I didn’t even know this until someone told me in college. I lose my voice […]

Naps Help

Do you take naps? I’ve recently started to notice that some of my weekend meltdowns are because I’m tired in the middle of the day. Normally, I would drink a cup of coffee, but that would only make my sensory discomfort and overstimulation worse! A nap for either 20 or 90 minutes kickstarts my system […]

Plan for Holiday Stress

“Tips for the holiday season/family time”? This is definitely a tough time of year! Between the stress and socializing, we do have a few bright spots of cheer though. Nevertheless, for family time in the holidays, I would hope first and foremost that everyone in your family knows that you’re on the spectrum. If they […]

Doing Too Much

The autistic person’s ability to focus can often lead us down the path of burnout. When I’m invested, I can work for ten to twelve hours a day, without even realizing the creeping exhaustion until I’m on the precipice of a meltdown. Once this occurs, I start taking action to pare down responsibilities, and I […]


What is masking with respect to Autism Spectrum Disorder? Masking is when autistic people take on personas throughout the day in order to appear as neurotypical people. A neurotypical person probably wouldn’t notice the masking, because when autistic people mask, we are often meeting neurotypical society’s expectations. However, while the autistic person is working so […]

Evening Transitions

Have you ever struggled with evening transitions? When the sun begins to set, I grow very restless, not ready to make the big change from afternoon to nighttime. This is my most agitated time of day, and I have to be very intentional in the evening, or else I may end up having a meltdown […]

Public Meltdowns

All meltdowns are hard to recover from, but a meltdown that occurs in public can be especially difficult to navigate in the aftermath. If you’ve had a meltdown in a public place, giving these steps a try may help to move you to a place of recovery as soon as possible:1) Assess who actually witnessed […]