New Year’s Goals

To be honest, I’ve never felt the sky was the limit. I’m more of a “see the forest for the trees” kind of person, which basically means I see the big picture but also all the small details and patterns. As an autistic person, I don’t like lofty New Year’s Resolutions. I feel like it’s […]

As the Holidays end

It’s finally over! The holiday season wraps up today with the New Year. While the hustle and bustle simmer down, let’s all remember that the end of the holidays is also a big transition in and of itself. January comes as a relief, but switching from go-mode to old routines can be exceptionally hard for […]

Season of Romance

Romance is a common holiday theme, and autistic people (just like NTs) are very aware of the constant barrage of romantic imagery at this time of year: from mistletoe kisses to Christmas rom-com films, commercials of cozy holiday couples to articles about “The Perfect Gift for Him/Her.” And, of course, there is little to no […]

Christmas Lights

Lights are mesmerizing. I remember, as a child, spending intervals of time simply staring at my Christmas tree. Even as an adult autie, I find my mind clearing from all the clutter as I gaze at a decorated tree during my alone time. Give it a try!