Thanksgiving Challenge

Thanksgiving can feel a little out of our control. Routines are different, meals are different, socializing is at an all-time high. On this holiday, I just want to remind myself and the autistic community to take any breaks you need and go home when you’re ready (not necessarily when your family is). Drive yourself to […]

Holiday Scheduling

I survived another Independence Day beside good friends and a very important day’s schedule that carried me through each hour of holiday.3:00 PM – Shop4:00 PM – Swim5:00 PM – Cook and Eat6:30 PM – Go for a Walk8:00 PM – Relax9:00 PM – FireworksDid the schedule go exactly as planned? No. Times got pushed […]

Gift Giving Anxiety

I have no idea when someone likes a gift I’ve given them. The truth is, individuals on the spectrum cannot read body language and social cues. As a result, many of us have been conditioned to assume the worse in order to protect ourselves from potential backlash. But it’s the holidays! We all know the […]

Gift Scripts

Is receiving gifts a hurdle for you to climb during the holidays? Once a gift is in my hand, and I have to open it up in front of eager eyes, I lose all sense of what to say. My face freezes under the pressure. I’m scared that I will appear ungrateful, and that fear […]

Express Yourself

Many autistic adults feel more able to express themselves through the written word rather than speech. In fact, many spectrumites appreciate having time to collect their thoughts and write them out. Why not channel this into writing heartfelt cards this holiday season? Let me tell you: Many people like gifts, but many more appreciate a […]

Gift Exchanges

Are you spending this holiday season exchanging gifts with loved ones? Ideally, instead of using memorized scripts to react to gifts from those we love most, we could just be ourselves! If it’s our goal to unmask at these get-togethers, we might try one of two paths: 1) Request to open gifts alone. Tell your […]

Christmas Exhaustion

Why is Christmas Day so exhausting? One way that I limit Christmas shutdowns is by curtailing the number of phone calls I make and receive. A simple “Merry Christmas” by text is so much easier than a voice call. I sometimes write a more personal message and then mass send it to loved ones. If […]

Holiday Mess

It’s the day after Christmas and all through the house, there’s boxes and food gifts, new shoes and a new blouse! But for real, what’s an autistic individual to do with all the post-holiday cleanup? Given our struggles with the executive functioning skills of organization and task initiation, a messy house becomes a true battleground. […]

Regrounding after Holidays

How are you feeling post-Christmas? Sometimes the energy revs me up, leaving me restless when the holiday ends. Other times, I’m exhausted, unsure of how to recover from the celebrations. This year, I’m definitely stuck in go-mode, thrust out of my routine and scrambling to “make the most” of each day. Definitely a recipe for […]

New Year’s Getaway

New Year’s Eve (NYE) often comes with expectations that can completely derail an autistic individual’s day. Hello loud noises, crowds, chatter, blasting music, and alcohol. I myself have struggled through meltdowns on at least two NYEs in the last six years. But here’s an idea! Beat the NYE chaos with the antithesis of a party. […]