Clothing Choices

Unapologetically myself. There’s a beautiful authenticity that comes with being an autistic person. We reject norms so often and want our individualism to shine. However, I often have meltdowns when choosing my clothes for the day, simply because I’m caught in the crossfire between who I am and what society wants me to look like. […]

Hooded Cloak

Make clothes shopping lists before tackling the mall or department store. Also, try a hooded cloak for fall fashion. They are warm, loose, non-itchy, and turn into a thick scarf when needed!

The Right Fit

No matter how much you like a clothing item, make sure it fits. It look me around five stores and multiple try-one to find white sneakers that fit and were in my price range, but now I know that my new shoes won’t set off any sensory issues for me in the long run.