Get Started

Many autistic people find delight in architecture, design, and organization. We are routine builders, and as such we find comfort in structure and structures. Even so, our struggles with executive functioning can distract us from our talents in design, planning, and/or architecture. The best way to get rolling on these kinds of projects is to […]

Holiday Mess

It’s the day after Christmas and all through the house, there’s boxes and food gifts, new shoes and a new blouse! But for real, what’s an autistic individual to do with all the post-holiday cleanup? Given our struggles with the executive functioning skills of organization and task initiation, a messy house becomes a true battleground. […]

New Year’s Goals

To be honest, I’ve never felt the sky was the limit. I’m more of a “see the forest for the trees” kind of person, which basically means I see the big picture but also all the small details and patterns. As an autistic person, I don’t like lofty New Year’s Resolutions. I feel like it’s […]

The Workplace

The workplace is a challenging arena for most autistic individuals. Securing a job may be a battle, but maintaining a career is the war. The social complexities of team meetings, conflicts with colleagues or supervisors, and small talk during the lunch break can all add up to either wanting to quit or getting fired! But […]


Pattern-thinking involves viewing and processing the world through design, numbers, music, and visuals. In an article by Live Science relatively recent studies were highlighted that reveal that many autistic individuals brains are geared toward pattern-thinking. According to researcher Laurent Mottron, “…the autistic persons brain is reorganized, but it’s not reorganized in a disorganized way. It’s […]

Spring Time

Spring is usually such a busy time. As the weather warms and the earth sprouts, people are drawn out of winter hibernation into active ventures like nature hikes, sports, outdoor dining, and vacations. Yet, with self-isolation and social distancing, plans come unraveled and our bodies stay stagnant. Even the most solitary autistic individuals may be […]