Do individuals on the spectrum lack empathy? Just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That’s how I often feel about autistic people and empathy. There are many theories around whether or not empathy is felt by autistic people. Some of these theories say that we don’t feel empathy because of brains […]

Social-Emotional Needs

Do people on the spectrum prefer to be alone? This question is complex, as every autistic person is different and has different social/emotional needs. However, I believe it is safe to say that the majority of autistic people do not want to be entirely alone. We desire companionship, friendship, and relationships as much as neurotypical […]

Playful Joy

Do you ever still play? I believe we autistic people have the ability to access the unbridled joy of play that many adults believe only children can feel. Catch me at a theme park or an exciting convention, and I’ll be unashamed in my running, jumping, and clapping my hands with laughter. We should harness […]

Tact Matters

While well-intentioned, our honesty can sting others. If I find myself in a situation where my truth-speaking has hurt an individual, then I have to resist my natural tendency to insist, “It was just the truth! I’m only being honest!” Tact does matter, and I care about the feelings of others. With this in mind, […]

A Positive Balance

High highs and low lows. Autistic people’s emotions can be all in or all out. Internally, this can feel like the basic calm of exploring special interests, the joy of finding something we love, the dread-inducing fear of socializing, or the fiery outburst of an anger meltdown. Trying to balance our emotions can feel not […]

Feeling Lonely

Autism and loneliness. This comes up a lot. Whether we have been rejected by a peer group or simply just find that we don’t have any friends one day, what can we do when we’re feeling lonely at any present moment? Sure, we can start the process of making friends, but what do we do […]