Hazy Days

Some days are hazy, especially after a big social event or long work week. I walk as though in a fog. Getting dressed is difficult, going out to run errands feels difficult. Back when I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia, the doctors called it fibro fog or chronic fatigue. What was it really? Overstimulation. Mutism. Executive […]

It’s Not a Boy Thing

Instead of saying, “Boys are more likely to be on the autism spectrum,” maybe it’s time to start saying, “Girls with ASD are underdiagnosed.” When did you first realize you were on the spectrum or receive a professional diagnosis? I had suspicions that I was on the spectrum since I was in high school, but […]


“What is high-functioning autism?” “High-functioning” is not a diagnosis. If looked up online, there are a variety of interpretations of high-functioning autism. Some say it describes people on the spectrum with an IQ higher than 70, or people on the spectrum who can still speak, read, and perform basic life skills. Others say it’s just […]

Categories of ASD

“I heard that there are different types of autism, like there are multiple autism spectrum disorders. What does that mean?” While there used to be what was considered different “types” of autism, psychiatrists have now categorized four diagnoses as part of ASD. These are: Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), Autistic Disorder, […]

Seeking a Professional Diagnosis

Many autistic adults are seeking professional diagnoses. However, adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and especially women, are the least likely to receive a diagnosis when they go see a psychologist. Here are a few ideas, based on my personal experience, that may help you along the way:1) Ask around. Request to know before making an […]

Support after Self-Diagnosis

One of the most inclusive things about autism spectrum disorder is that self-diagnosis is welcomed within the ASD community. However, in most schools and colleges, in order for autistic adults to receive support, we must have a professional diagnosis. So then, what can be done if obtaining a professional diagnosis just isn’t in the cards […]