Self Reflection

Sometimes, with each day presenting new autistic challenges, I find it useful to pause and consider my life in three phases: 1) Prediagnosis, 2) During and immediately after diagnosis, and 3) Present day. The growth and development in my self understanding that I recognize from this reflection encourages me to move forward. 

Moving On

Ever been 100% sure you made a social mistake? Afterward, you’re caught in the cycle of playing it over and over in your head, scared and unsure? Look beyond. Seek a trusted friend’s opinion on what happened and how you should move forward. And really listen to the friend’s advice. Try not to fall into […]

Stay Connected

Stay connected to old friends. Even though it’s hard, especially for the autistic person to maintain those social connections, the old friends are often the ones who know and have accepted our quirks the most. Even just an email, phone call, or text exchange can keep those meaningful relationships going.