Compression headache

Have you ever had a compression headache? Hair and headgear matter when it comes to sensory pain for autistic individuals. Some days, maybe we can handle fun hats, boppy ponytails, swimming goggles, smooth buns, snug braids, and tight wigs. But most days, I can find myself happy in the morning but drained and with a […]

Chronic pain

Sudden pain flares, traveling pain, debilitating headaches, joint strain. Recently, I’ve been getting asked about my chronic pain struggles, and more specifically, I’ve been receiving questions like, “What does chronic pain have to do with autism.” Studies have shown that individuals with autism are more likely to experience amplified and chronic pain. Even so, this […]

Recognizing the Pain

Are headaches an autism trait? While many people with autism experience a range of irritating to debilitating head pains, headaches themselves are actually a response to sensory sensitivity, social and general anxiety or the result of a co-occurring condition (such as EDS, hyper-mobility, and food intolerances). It should be noted that even if headaches are triggered […]