What is masking with respect to Autism Spectrum Disorder? Masking is when autistic people take on personas throughout the day in order to appear as neurotypical people. A neurotypical person probably wouldn’t notice the masking, because when autistic people mask, we are often meeting neurotypical society’s expectations. However, while the autistic person is working so […]

Burnout Self Care

When you’ve reached a burnout point, it’s okay to put up walls. It’s okay to shut out people’s voices, extra noises, sensory pain, and neverending masking. Take a sick day, or tell people you have a headache when you’re at work. Then, go home, find your walls, and recover. Just make a plan to come […]

Handling Burnout

Untended, burnout grows and grows until it overwhelms. That being said, sometimes we encounter burnout during a time when we simply (due to life circumstances) cannot stop and rest right away. When you can’t recuperate for a week or two, regardless of the burnout, here are some tips to keep going: 1) Stop socializing. Cancel […]

Addressing Burnout

For the autistic person, one sign of burnout may be that we are unable to rest. We can’t “turn off” the busy-ness, the masking, the overload, even when we are in our happiest and most restful places for extended periods of time. For this reason, I try to keep a pulse on your emotional state […]

Space Please

Daily reminder that if neurotypical people don’t respect our boundaries, we don’t owe it to them to mask and struggle until we burnout and meltdown, and we don’t have to explain ourselves to neurotypical people who don’t care to listen. Do what you need to do to be healthy, and just nod and ignore the […]

Calming Strategies

How does an autistic person settle back down after becoming overloaded? Here’s my checklist:1) Before I try to calm down, I have to pay attention to personal hygiene. This means that I push myself to wash my face, change into cozy clothes, etc., even though I’m exhausted. In the end, I’ll unwind faster if I […]

Do Nothing Day

While socializing can be enjoyable, time spent hanging out even with the best of friends can leave use wrung out and dried up. Even just one social event might leave an autistic person so exhausted that just leaving the house for an errand could lead to burnout. If a social event occurs, one simple and […]