Sleep is Essential

Time is essential for overstimulation recovery. A packed schedule, with one stimulating activity leading to another, is my worst emotional enemy. At times, I feel the temptation to stay up late for extra hours of what I hope to be a special interest reboot, but I find in the morning that the loss of sleep […]

Naps Help

Do you take naps? I’ve recently started to notice that some of my weekend meltdowns are because I’m tired in the middle of the day. Normally, I would drink a cup of coffee, but that would only make my sensory discomfort and overstimulation worse! A nap for either 20 or 90 minutes kickstarts my system […]


Muted. Faded. Recently I finished my daytime activities exhausted, even though I love everything I do. It’s tempting to lie in bed starting from my return home until the next morning, but instead I take a quick nap. This way, my joint pain doesn’t flare up from inactivity, and I also feel accomplished for staying […]

Prolonged Burnout

“How do you cope when every situation keeps pushing you over the edge? It seems no amount of time alone is enough these days and I feel embarrassed and ashamed.” I’ve had spells where it felt like no matter what happened, big or small, I just couldn’t handle it. It could be a simple request […]

Not Lazy!

“How do you deal with people calling you lazy all the time because you’re always so tired, when in reality you’re just constantly burned out. I’m always burned out when I come home from work and because I only work part time I’m often called lazy when I say that I’m too tired to do […]

Doing Too Much

The autistic person’s ability to focus can often lead us down the path of burnout. When I’m invested, I can work for ten to twelve hours a day, without even realizing the creeping exhaustion until I’m on the precipice of a meltdown. Once this occurs, I start taking action to pare down responsibilities, and I […]


Let’s grow. Growing as an individual on the spectrum doesn’t mean masking more or stimming less. It means becoming more familiar with what makes me meltdown, what overstimulated me, what I can do to have more days where I feel fulfilled in my interests and more genuinely comfortable in social interactions. Growing for me is […]

No Expectations

The phrase, “You should try __!” makes my whole body buzz with the beginnings of overload. Why? Because I take things literally; I think that the speaker truly wants me to branch out and try something new and will be disappointed in me of I don’t. Also, scheduling does not come naturally to me. So, […]