Try Something New

When was the last time you tried something new? At first, buying something to eat that’s different from the usual seems like a waste of time and money. After all, I know (and I’m sure you know) what I like to eat, and it’s safe and happy for me to stick to the usual. Even […]

Risk Some Change

Branching out into a new job, school major, or city can feel like the steepest climb ever. Nevertheless, take a look at your current life: Is what you’re doing actually fueling you or have you just stuck to a routine that leaves you discontent. Change is hard for autistic people. Even so, if our current […]

Everyone is different

Our diversity is endless. For example, not every autistic individual has a special interest. Not every person with autism wants to talk about a specific subject for hours. Some autistic individuals lose a special interest and never rediscover it. Whenever a conversation about the autism spectrum experiences is circulating around a topic that I cannot […]