Driving Challenges

Driving can be a true hurdle for autistic people. Why? Individuals on the spectrum appreciate clear and specific rules, but there are simply too many laws to read through and so many unspoken expectations on the road. If you live in a place with limited public transportation and you’re pursuing a license, don’t be discouraged! […]


Take yourself on a date. If there’s a place you spontaneously want to go, embrace your sudden and unexpected impulse to branch out from your autistic routine. By welcoming these unplanned decisions, I’ve done amazing things like gone alone to a new restaurant, fixed damage on my car, and gone for a solo two-hour hike. […]

No Expectations

The phrase, “You should try __!” makes my whole body buzz with the beginnings of overload. Why? Because I take things literally; I think that the speaker truly wants me to branch out and try something new and will be disappointed in me of I don’t. Also, scheduling does not come naturally to me. So, […]

Self Positivity

Acknowledge new growth! Sometimes, it can be hard to see how far we have come. Take a moment to pause and reflect on how you’ve cultivated healthier coping skills, a stronger sense of personal identity, and/or a safer, more sensitive living environment. Congratulate yourself for the gains! These moments of self-positivity can help halt negative […]