The Shoulds

Sometimes I judge myself as though I’m neurotypical. I grow frustrated: “You should have reacted XYZ way.” “You should have worked harder.” “You shouldn’t have forgotten.” “Learn to fix it. Be better.” I’m scared under the pressure of the shoulds, and I expect myself to meet the expectations of the world. But at the end […]

Clothing Choices

Unapologetically myself. There’s a beautiful authenticity that comes with being an autistic person. We reject norms so often and want our individualism to shine. However, I often have meltdowns when choosing my clothes for the day, simply because I’m caught in the crossfire between who I am and what society wants me to look like. […]

Turmoil Within

Layered. The times when I seem the least emotional on the outside (quiet, no eye contact, compliant) are usually a sign of deep turmoil within. I cannot determine how to express distress, so I appear aloof instead. When I reach this place, I know that I need some quality alone time. I simply won’t be […]

Unlimited Possibilities

Being on the spectrum does not mean the possibilities for your life have decreased. We have choices, we have opportunities, we have talents, and we have drive. Choose an adventure, and then pick another path if it doesn’t work. Autism causes us to navigate life differently, but that doesn’t change the essential truth: It is […]


Wilt and rise. For autistic people, this is not necessarily a daily choice. We wilt and we rise multiple times throughout each day. We struggle, and yet we are resilient and powerful. Remember your strength whenever you face an adversary, be it small talk or meltdown-worthy overload.