Just like sunflowers turn from shadow to face the sun, extricate yourself from relationships and friendships in which someone belittles your diagnosis. The path to self-love and self-acceptance is not walked alongside those who insist that you don’t actually seem autistic. 

Self Reflection

Sometimes, with each day presenting new autistic challenges, I find it useful to pause and consider my life in three phases: 1) Prediagnosis, 2) During and immediately after diagnosis, and 3) Present day. The growth and development in my self understanding that I recognize from this reflection encourages me to move forward. 

Still Autistic

This may sound odd, but do you, fellow aspergirl, ever feel like you’re “not autistic enough”? Sometimes, especially as I grow older and learn more coping skills, I get this strange fear that I’m not really autistic, because I can’t be autistic and working and socializing and XYZ thing that makes everyone day, “Wow! I […]

Your Reflection

Do you recognize yourself in the mirror? I often find my own reflection puzzling. “Who is that? Oh, that’s me.” Some people say that not being able to recognize one’s self in the mirror is a sign of autism in toddlers. Have fun with it! I love stim dancing with that silly girl in the […]