De-stress Eating

Have you ever noticed that our special interests can make us forget to eat? Have you ever tried to routinize and schedule eating, cooking all the same things, but then get super frustrated if a meal is missed (even if hunger is not involved)? Eating is tricky for autistics. And people often judge how others […]

Social Mistake Anxiety

Starting a new job or a new school, or making a new friend can seem so exciting! But then, with the action of socializing comes the inevitable poisoned apple of social mistakes. In our natural state, we autistic people would make mistakes and live obliviously to them, happy as can be! However, with the pressure […]


The transition between leaving work and going home is often very tough for many autistic people. A great number of working autistic people spend their day translating social encounters, masking, and/or getting oversensorized. As a result, the transition out of work environments is ripe for a meltdown. Transitions are usually difficult, but going from an […]

Waiting for a Text Message

Autistic people often wonder, “How can I stop worrying about receiving a text message response?” Whenever I’m texting someone that I’m particularly interested in, I hyperfocus. I feel like I’m just lying in wait, and my thoughts can spiral into negative places: “Does this person dislike me/find me annoying?” “Did the person get hurt?” “Did […]

Gift Giving Anxiety

I have no idea when someone likes a gift I’ve given them. The truth is, individuals on the spectrum cannot read body language and social cues. As a result, many of us have been conditioned to assume the worse in order to protect ourselves from potential backlash. But it’s the holidays! We all know the […]

As the Holidays end

It’s finally over! The holiday season wraps up today with the New Year. While the hustle and bustle simmer down, let’s all remember that the end of the holidays is also a big transition in and of itself. January comes as a relief, but switching from go-mode to old routines can be exceptionally hard for […]