Fired Up

“Hates injustice and hates to be misunderstood; this can incite anger and rage.” Just the other day, I lost my temper just because someone said they “got rid of” one of their pets. I can get very heated on debates on serious topics, so I try to stay away from debates and stick to peaceful […]

Pushing Through Stress

I hear background noise much louder than foreground noise. Coupled with the fact that I struggle to look at people when I’m sensorily overwhelmed, it can be a real struggle to hear directions during high stress moments. So far, I haven’t learned any life-saving coping skills for this, except to say, “Excuse me? I couldn’t […]

Social Mistakes

Have you ever had a wonderful conversation, only to go home wondering about all the little, almost insignificant social mistakes you could have made? The truth is: all people, neurotypical and neurodivergent alike, make tiny social mistakes. Have you ever been annoyed in the middle of a discussion (but only for a moment)? Have you […]

Social Anxiety Disorder

What’s the difference between autism spectrum disorder and social anxiety disorder (SAD)? With the prevalence of autistic individuals also being diagnosed with SAD, it can be hard at times to tell the difference between the two. And what can be done when the surrounding environment (school, work, or a busy home) is setting off both […]