Space Please

Daily reminder that if neurotypical people don’t respect our boundaries, we don’t owe it to them to mask and struggle until we burnout and meltdown, and we don’t have to explain ourselves to neurotypical people who don’t care to listen. Do what you need to do to be healthy, and just nod and ignore the […]

ASD Awareness

Sometimes people not only have no idea about autism spectrum disorder, but they also like to talk as though they do: “So you’re like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory?” “Autistic people are good with computers, right?” “Are you going to start screaming at me any minute?” In order to handle these moments of ignorance, I […]


How can we autistic people advocate for ourselves in a world of neurotypicals? Sometimes it feels like just navigating everyday life is exhausting enough! Even so, we can be autistic and revolutionary. Reclaim your stims and practice explaining their importance to your friends and families. Recite to yourself a few of the gifts that autism […]

Starting the School Year

The start of the school year can be challenging for autistic people. Navigating new schedules, new teachers, and old friends becomes mixed up with a drastic change from your summer routine. That being said, one of the comforting things about school is that it is built around a structured day. Even so, try coming to […]

Autism Pride

One step at a time. It is okay to recognize the difficulties of being an autistic individual in a neurotypical world, and it is also okay to be proud of being on the autism spectrum and embrace who we are! Practice saying out loud and to close friends, “I’m proud to be autistic.” Write out […]

Seeking Support

Sometimes it feels like we are standing alone, surrounded by terrifying and incomprehensible surroundings. How can we advocate for our needs? Prevention is key. Try pinpointing what supports are helpful prior to a difficult day. Then, share these ideas with your friends and loved ones ahead of time. And share it more than once! Neurotypical […]

Everyone is different

Our diversity is endless. For example, not every autistic individual has a special interest. Not every person with autism wants to talk about a specific subject for hours. Some autistic individuals lose a special interest and never rediscover it. Whenever a conversation about the autism spectrum experiences is circulating around a topic that I cannot […]