Just like sunflowers turn from shadow to face the sun, extricate yourself from relationships and friendships in which someone belittles your diagnosis. The path to self-love and self-acceptance is not walked alongside those who insist that you don’t actually seem autistic. 

Your Reflection

Do you recognize yourself in the mirror? I often find my own reflection puzzling. “Who is that? Oh, that’s me.” Some people say that not being able to recognize one’s self in the mirror is a sign of autism in toddlers. Have fun with it! I love stim dancing with that silly girl in the […]

Awareness Helps

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m stressed or overwhelmed, the first symptom of mine to increase is the inability to interpret language. People’s words, expressions, tone, and body language all misfire in my mind. My feelings become as mixed up as the multifacetedness of conversation politics. I basically have little to no idea what anyone is […]