Sensory Seeker

“Strong sensory issues – sounds, sights, smells, touch, and prone to overload. (Less likely to have taste/food texture issues as males.)” Touch and sounds are my greatest sensory avoidant issues. I really don’t like to be touched by other adults! I also get very upset by certain sounds, like motorcycles, loud voices, and silverware touching teeth. I have virtually no food issues, except super crunchy food (like corn nuts) drive me crazy and give me headaches. Oddly enough, I can be a major sensory seeker. I gobble up the spiciest things and listen to heavy metal and electronic music super loudly and repetitively! However, even my sensory seeking behaviors can cause me to overload. Basically, I just clock out, shut down, and become extremely highly sensitive (and probably very picky and cranky). I’ll leave meltdowns for another post!

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