Yes, Dating

“Dating!?” Here are a few spots of wisdom from my dating experiences: 1) Obsession and love are not the same thing. Tread very carefully if you notice that you are viewing another person as a special interest. 2) If you’ve started seeing someone new, do everything you can to shower, groom, and do your laundry. Whether or not we realize it, other people do notice if we have not done these things! 3) Be sure to listen to the other person during dates and not to monopolize the conversation. Make a preplanned list of questions, but don’t actually read off it in front of your date. And most importantly, try as hard as possible to NOT MASK and pretend to have all the same interests as your date in order to keep them interested in you. Even if this works at first, later on you will be struggling under the weight of keeping that mask on in order to keep a partner happy. 

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