Prolonged Burnout

“How do you cope when every situation keeps pushing you over the edge? It seems no amount of time alone is enough these days and I feel embarrassed and ashamed.” I’ve had spells where it felt like no matter what happened, big or small, I just couldn’t handle it. It could be a simple request or a difficult conversation, a need to fill up my gas tank or just wash my hair… I couldn’t do it without exerting a huge amount of effort that left me drained and cranky. Sometimes, nothing but time and a considerate amount of self-care can heal these moments, but no one around me actually understands this experience. I explain it, and only my closest companions truly understand. I cope by telling everyone who could be affected about my mental state and then masking around those who don’t get it. This means that my loved ones who do understand bare the brunt of my meltdowns, mutism, and general malaise. But in the end, I pull through and make it up to them later. 

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