Not Lazy!

“How do you deal with people calling you lazy all the time because you’re always so tired, when in reality you’re just constantly burned out. I’m always burned out when I come home from work and because I only work part time I’m often called lazy when I say that I’m too tired to do something after work. No one seems to understand that working around people and having to interact with customers all day is exhausting to me. More so than a “normal” person.” I relate to this so much! I worked part-time for a while at a busy coffee shop, and I would be just as exhausted from working a part-time shift there as I am working full-time elsewhere. Why? Because of the neverending customer interactions, the smiles, the small talk! I’m shocked that the people in your home would call you lazy. So my first thought is: Do they know you have ASD and what that entails? (If not, try explaining it to them at a neutral time when you are not overloaded and they are not calling you “lazy.”) If the people in your home are calling you lazy because you are not completing your share of chores or housework, I would suggest scheduling a specific hour on a specific day each week (that fits your energy levels) to dedicate to housework. Reminding others that the jobs will get done on that day might help get them off your back. 

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