Detecting Sarcasm

“How do you realise someone is making fun of you and how do you deal with sarcasm ? Because it can cause me so much stress when I don’t understand sarcasm or when someone is mean to me.” Humor is a tangled up mess. My family loves sarcasm, so it was hard growing up and always feeling picked on when they were just honestly trying to have fun with me. Because of that upbringing, though, I’m better at detecting sarcasm than most people. First off, if people are being mean to your face through sarcasm, they are not worth your time and energy. Avoid them, especially if they are at your workplace. Secondly, if you’re around someone you don’t trust, try to pay more attention to their facial expressions than their words. In the end, there might just be a mind gap where you cannot see or perceive sarcasm at all! (I have this problem with confusion; I cannot see or perceive it in others.) If this is the case, memorize the words people say and check it with a trusted person later. 

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