Daily Social Struggles

Mask on. Mask off. We grow so skilled at this, but then two fears brew in our minds: 1) Do people see my social mistakes and judge me harshly, never actually understanding that I have an invisible disability that impacts every social moment of my life, and 2) Do people see me and my social mistakes and think less of me, judging me as pathetic because I have a disability? My only advice for these daily social struggles are to focus less on others and even less on yourself! Picking apart people’s reactions and your own self-perception often leads to suffering. Instead, try to focus on each present activity. If a situation has become particularly sticky, do take a little time to journal and/or just vent (and not seek advice all the time) about the situation to a trusted third party. Just a little though, because too much lingering can cause more negativity to fester. 

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