Staying Active

Sensory and joint pain are something I live with, but after a long stint of these pains literally controlling my life, I’ve integrated key lifestyle changes that have kept me prescription medicine free and increasingly able to ignore the pain to live a full life. Here are a few (not all) of the changes I’ve incorporated:
1) I sleep for normal amounts of time at normal times of day. This has lessened my headaches in the morning and decreased stiffness from over and undersleeping. 2) I stay active through mostly low-impact forms of exercise. This means I traded ballet for yoga, running for hikes, etc. Staying active, though, keeps my joints and muscles strong enough to prevent injury. 3) I take supplements for around a month at a time when I need them, but mostly I just follow a well-balanced diet that does include carbs still (for those who are wondering). 4) I take Ibuprofen on the first onset of joint pain. This means I take a few Ibuprofen once a day usually once or twice a week. Honestly, it works better (in conjunction with everything else I’m doing) than any other medication that has just masked pain.
In short, I try to tackle pain at the source and not it’s symptoms. However, it took me years to recover from tendonitis in every joint in my body at one time, as well as chronic migraines. I still struggle with incurable shoulder damage, partial subluxations, and ligament tearing. But I’m actually more active than the average individual! 

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