Teens Seeking a Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with ASD as an adult, but that doesn’t mean that I got along just fine as a teen. In fact, I’d been looking up Asperger’s online screening tests since I was 14. I talked to my family about my high (but not high enough) score, and I was largely ignored. For teens, seeking a diagnosis without parental support is next to impossible. So, the big goal is winning over the family first. Some parents might perceive their teen asking about autism as:
1) A phase, or something that has caught their teen’s fancy for now but will blow over in a few months, or
2) A personal affront to their skills and genetics as parents.

With this in mind, try asking your parents to look at symptoms and traits lists (which you can conveniently already pre-print for them), articles about autistic girls and women (which you can conveniently email them), and books about aspergirls (which you can conveniently check out from the library or even spend some of your own money on). Doing this research on your own and then including your parents can demonstrate just how serious you are and also give families the resources they need to feel less frightened by the idea of their child being “labeled.”

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