Starting the School Year

The start of the school year can be challenging for autistic people. Navigating new schedules, new teachers, and old friends becomes mixed up with a drastic change from your summer routine. That being said, one of the comforting things about school is that it is built around a structured day. Even so, try coming to school early to take a walk between each of your classes. During the quiet early hours, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with your new schedule. Try writing a note to each of your teachers telling them that you’re on the spectrum and what that looks like and means for you. Since every autistic person is different, this sort of note can help educators differentiate their instruction for your needs. Lastly, when it comes to school friends, we can find ourselves anxious and lonely. I suggest asking someone in your class before lunch, who seems a little alternative in their style, if you could sit with them at lunchtime. Of course, try to strike up a conversation with them about what classes they are taking before asking if you can join them for lunch. 

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