Regrounding after Holidays

How are you feeling post-Christmas? Sometimes the energy revs me up, leaving me restless when the holiday ends. Other times, I’m exhausted, unsure of how to recover from the celebrations. This year, I’m definitely stuck in go-mode, thrust out of my routine and scrambling to “make the most” of each day. Definitely a recipe for burnout.

To reground, I’m walking myself toward my old routines (meals, exercise, hobbies, etc.). I’m also so thankful to have my Instagram autism community, which has become an integral part of my daily life. Even more, I’m setting intentions around the rest of the out-of-the-norm things to come. This includes the second half of the holiday season: New Year’s. Even more I’m making plans for when to take down all the holiday decor. While I love the trees and things, I’ll be relieved when my home is back to basics again.

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