Public Meltdowns

All meltdowns are hard to recover from, but a meltdown that occurs in public can be especially difficult to navigate in the aftermath. If you’ve had a meltdown in a public place, giving these steps a try may help to move you to a place of recovery as soon as possible:
1) Assess who actually witnessed the meltdown. Flowing pedestrian traffic? Strangers that will never see you again? Family members that are already aware that meltdowns happen to you? Narrow the audience down to its reality. This can help mitigate the anxiety of, “Oh no! Everyone saw!”
2) Determine if you are safe. Are you without a friend? Call someone. Is the friend/family that you are with currently mad at you? Do not engage in conflict resolution in the public space. Is the general public in your vicinity actively angry? If strangers are angry, remember that they’ll most likely never see or remember you again.
3) This can help you decide how to leave. A big goal should be to get home. If a companion can kindly take you home without judgment, great. If you feel secure enough to drive after a long cry in your car, great. If you need to call a lyft and weep while the driver ignores you, great. Get out and get to your safest place where the real self-care can begin.

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