New Year’s Goals

To be honest, I’ve never felt the sky was the limit. I’m more of a “see the forest for the trees” kind of person, which basically means I see the big picture but also all the small details and patterns. As an autistic person, I don’t like lofty New Year’s Resolutions. I feel like it’s dishonest to set goals I cannot meet. But I do set New Year’s goals, because I enjoy introspection, reflection, and growth.

If you’d like to set a goal, but don’t know where to start, try backwards planning. What do you wish you could say for yourself five years from now? How could you get closer each year? Then, grab onto that Year 1 goal as your resolution.
Want to know mine? I’m still in the middle of my five-year plan to build a career that I love that is also sustainable for me as an autistic individual. It included starting grad school, graduating with an MLIS, getting a full-time librarianship, and now? This is my year to learn how to make being a librarian authentically me.

I have other goals, too, but they’re a bit more private. Do you set goals for the New Year?

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